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Tri-Power was originally formed in 1988 by a group of seven enthusiastic triathletes. In 1992 the group became very interested in bicycle racing and recruited several new members who were strong road cyclists. With sponsorship from Contel Cellular and Conte’s Bicycle and Fitness, Tri-Power became a prominent road racing team in southeastern Virginia. Members competed in events as far away as Baltimore, Greensboro, Panama City, and Muncie.


In the mid 1990’s, mountain biking exploded into the cycling world and Tri-Power opened its membership to off-road racers. In 1997, the membership grew to just over 30 competitive athletes. Conte’s continued their support and new sponsorship was obtained from Chick’s Beach Café, Orthopedic Associates of Virginia, and MAC Tools. The team’s prominence in road racing continued and Tri-Power was a major force in the off-road arena as well.


In the later half of the 1990’s Tri-Power again increased membership by inviting recreational riders to join. During this time the team also began its organization and sponsorship of road, mountain bike, and multi-sport events. We also began participation in Virginia Beach’s Adopt-a-Highway Program. Today Tri-Power has more than 50 active members from the Tidewater area.


Tripower reunited once again with Conte’s Bicycle and Fitness, our new title sponsor for the 2004 racing season. Their continuous financial support has been a vital component to the teams success. We are also privileged to have 94.9 The Point Radio as our second team sponsor as well as Chuck's Maui Wowi, Jackie Starkey Massage, Shuttleworth, Ruloff, Swain, Haddad & Morecock, P.C. and The Skinny Dip.

What do we do with the support we receive from our sponsors? Good Question! Tripower is not only an active riding and racing club but an active promoter of bicycle racing in the Hampton Roads area.


For two years in a row Tri-Power promoted the Freeze Your Butt Off Criterium which was held in late February. This race also included a "Mountain Cross" - a cyclo cross on mountain bikes. Unfortunately, urban progress stole our venue.


In 1999 we held the first York River State Park Off Road Duathlon. This event includes a ten mile mountain bike ride, a five mile trail run, and another ten mile ride. Competitors race as individuals or as two person teams. There is a Super Kids Du for children under 12, and for 2000 we introduced the "Mini Du" for beginners.


For several years TriPower promoted the Conte's Cycling Classic in downtown Norfolk VA. The inaugural event instantly became the penultimate bicycle race in the Hampton Road area, drawing hundreds of cyclist from up and down the East Coast and brought thousands more out to enjoy the excitement in downtown Norfolk.


Since 1997 TriPower has promoted the Amphibious Assault Criterium which is held at Assault Craft Unit Four, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Norfolk, VA. This race is unique in that the course is on the landing tarmac for the Navy’s air cushion vehicles. Riders actually race around the parked vehicles. The course is flat but always buffeted by a brisk wind blowing off the Chesapeake Bay.


Starting in 2006 TriPower has promoted at least one cyclocross race every year including the annual Tripower Cross, Virginia Cyclocross Championships.


Tri-Power has always been dedicated to promoting the sport of cycling while having fun doing so. The men and women of this team reflect what we are all about with a positive attitude, a zest for riding, good sportsmanship, and a willingness to inspire others.


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